Celebrate madDay with IEEEmadC


What is madDay?

madDay is a wakeup call for all students and young people across the world for showing the importance of learning programming languages for their employment, career, community and benefit for humanity. madDay is initiated by IEEEmadC in order to emphasize the fun of programming and coding since with IEEEmadC project we are already trying to make Mobile Application Development interesting to everyone. madDay is an initiative that will not last just one day rather as long as it takes to spread the message across the world. IEEEmadC needs everybody to get M-A-D, in a sense to promote love and importance of mobile application development and generally programming across the world.

How can you help?

Take a selfie with MAD face, publish it as your profile picture on Facebook and then tag more people and challenge them to do it. Don’t forget to use #madDay hashtag and have fun while doing it!

Why is IEEEmadC organizing madDay?

As the global community societies and foundations progresses the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve by 2030, IEEEmadC is one of the noticeable contributors among many of them. The overall objective of madC is to promote the substantial budding potential of mobile application development among students and make them aware of importance of learning programming languages. This project builds the consideration that for billions of young people and professionals, smartphone can be a much bigger asset to change and influence their and lives of others. Equipped with proper and adequate applications it can change millions of lives in every aspect: communicating, learning, taking pictures or playing games.


Let’s go MAD!

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