Our team of judges is consisted of experienced individuals in mobile application development from academia and industry. With their help and volunteering IEEEmadC is raising the quality bar to the highest level. We are proud to present the outstanding IEEEmadC judges below.

Ashad Kabir

Ashad Kabir Dr. Kabir is a research fellow at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. His research interests include context-aware adaptive systems, social context awareness, data/software behavior mining, smart mobile applications, and pervasive/ubiquitous computing. His current research is focusing on exploiting data from online social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ in developing smart mobile applications. He is keen to develop innovative mobile applications for domains such as elderly/healthcare, emergency management, vehicle, and social well-being.


Anoop Thomas Mathew

Anoop Thomas Mathew, a.k.a. ATM, has been a judge of IEEEXtreme competition for the past four versions. As his day job, he heads the technology at data-crunching startup Profoundis and builds Vibe app. He has spoken at conferences like Fifth Elephant 2012, FOSSMeet 2011, PyCon 2012, FOSSMeet 2013, and PyCon 2013, to name a few. He loves open source and codes mostly in python and JavaScript. Connect with him on Twitter @atmb4u.


Bijan Vaez

Bijan has spent the last 8 years designing, architecting, developing, and deploying large scale cross-platform mobile and web applications. Previous to EventMobi, Bijan built an award-winning iOS app (Cataract Self Diagnosis through the iPhone), was part of the discrete graphics team at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and cofounded a real-time RFID asset tracking consultancy. Bijan holds a BASc in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto and can be found at @bijanv.

Brian LeRoux

I work on mobile web things at Adobe Systems. Over a decade of software development means I could fill this entire form field with all the meaningful and not-so-meaningful acronyms. The important thing to note is that I am not just an experienced dev but a good eye for business drivers, strategic concerns in addition to delivery, and a deep respect for great user experiences. I also have a great deal of speaking experience and do enjoy developer relations very much. Most of the presentations below are from YEARS ago. More recent stuff can be found at http://brian.io or googling around.

Faisal Abid

Faisal is an entrepreneur and engineer. He is a programming language enthusiast and loves solving software engineering challenges across the stack. In his free time, Faisal leads Javascript, Node.js, Dart, or Android workshops and presents at conferences such as OSCON, CodeMotion, and FITC. During the days, you can find Faisal developing on mobile applications either on iOS/Android, or writing backends in Node.

Jeremy Blum

Dr. Jeremy Blum is an associate professor of Computer Science at the Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg, PA, USA. His research interests include computer networks, computer security, and transportation networks. Dr. Blum is actively involved in increasing student interest in IEEE-affiliated fields. He has organized programming contests for college students in the region, which were held at Dickinson College in 2013 and 2014. For the past three years, he has been an organizer for the South Central Pennsylvania Robotics Competition.

Justin Woo

Justin Woo is a Developer Evangelist at PayPal and has been programming ever since he got his first IBM XT running DOS. He loves writing mobile applications (especially hybrid-HTML5 applications) and wishes everything could be done in LISP. In his spare time he enjoys tinkering around with cool hardware. He’s built a game for Autistic Children, a Robot that can be controlled remotely and even a Kinect game involving tapeworms. He graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Computer Engineering and was previously a Program Manager at Microsoft. He lives with his wife and two wonderful dogs – one of which refuses to admit that he is blind and the other that likes to pretend she’s a rabbit.

Rajesh Vasa

Rajesh Vasa is the Head of R&D at Swinburne NICTA Software Innovation Lab — a premium industry focused research lab based out of Swinburne University of Technology, in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Vasa has nearly 20 years of experience in ICT. Before joining Swinburne, he has worked in a wide range of roles including Software Engineer, Business consultant, Solution architect, IT Director, and CTO around the world — USA, Canada, Singapore, China, Australia and India. He currently researchers, and teaches in the area of Large and complex data set analysis, Mobile App Development, and Software Engineering. Rajesh is also an entrepreneur with 4 successful startups over the last decade.